Q: What sort of work do you do?
A: I work in a wide variety of areas including web design and maintenance, graphic design, audio and video production, and various advisory roles.
Q: Will you be available to help me with my website after it is created?
A: Yes, if I build a website for you, I make myself available to you for small maintenance jobs with no additional fee.
Q: I'm trying to get my site updated, but I still want to be able to manage it.  Is that possible?
A: Yes, I build websites using a content management system as a foundation and will give you an administrative login so you have full control of the site.  I will publish instructional materials for you on the site upon request.
Q: I already have a web designer, but I need a new logo.  Are you willing to do one without the other?
A: I have no problem working with someone else or being hired for only one of the services I offer. 
Q: How can I get a FAQ?
A: Send me your questions.  I will try to answer any questions I get and if enough people have the same question, I will address it in this section.
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