About Me


   I am a graduate of Spring Hill College with a degree in Integrated Communications.  This degree focused on targeting audiences and communicating effectively using various types of media.  My focus at this time was to become an effective advertiser by learning how to understand people.  This aroused my interest in interactivity and inspired me to pursue my second degree.

   In December of 2009, I graduated from the University of South Alabama with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology.  While working towards my second degree, I gained the skills and experience needed to create and maintain websites and applications. 

     Throughout my time at Spring Hill College, I worked for the IT department providing tech support for students, faculty, and staff.  I was able to use this to lay the groundwork for myself in the technical field.

    Shortly after enrolling for my second degree, I was hired by the Department of Medical Genetics at the University.  This allowed me to further develop my skills as a graphic designer and web developer.  During my time spent under the University's employ, I produced a large quantity of graphics, animations, and video content to be used for purposes of advertising and as supplemental materials for genetics courses.

    In addition to my work with Medical Genetics, I also worked with the Continuing Medical Education Department and the Office of Sponsored Programs to improve their websites and generate new content, and I am currently doing freelance web design and media productions.